Dungeon Rules


  • We all enter this space as equals and treat each other as such. Do not voice criticisms of others’ play, attire or appearance and remember that what happens at parties stays at parties.  Respect the play and the privacy of others!
  • No means NO! Play involves only consensual acts; this means you may not join a scene in progress unless explicitly invited to join PRIOR to the start of the scene and you may not touch others or their toys without first asking and then receiving an enthusiastic YES
  • The house safeword is “SAFEWORD”; If you will be using a gag or any other vocal restrictions in a scene, have a visual safeword established such as a hand movement
  • There are two sides to the dungeon: the “closed” section of the dungeon is for players only while the “open” section of the dungeon allows for spectators to enter the dungeon space.  Entering either of these spaces is at your own risk and requires that you respect the personal space (and backswing area) of any & all players.
  • Inform DF’s if you are doing takedowns, vigorous blood play, or play that may be triggering.  If in doubt, ask. Conversely, if something is troubling you, ask for an MVK Board Member at the front desk or find a Dungeon Facilitator (DF) wearing a green sash but DO NOT intervene in someone else’s play. This also applies to any incident or accident you see on the floor.
  • No play outside of specified dungeon areas; no solo play is permitted without a spotter
  • No vomit, scat, golden showers, rape play, face punching, solo masturbation, or open flames. In addition, no firearms (real or replica), stun guns, tasers, mace, “bear spray”, or pepper spray
  • No genital to genital, genital to anal, oral to genital or oral to anal sexual activity is permitted in the dungeon—please take it to the Red Light Room.  Dildos, strap-ons, and non-biological cocks may be used in the dungeons
  • Recording is not permitted in the dungeon. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices which have recording capabilities are prohibited
  • Please be considerate of other players and clean equipment after use with the provided wipes; use gloves when handling wipes as they are toxic
  • Professional scenes are not permitted at MVK.